Current Projects

Computer Assisted Science Experimentation

Integrating computer-based instruments with computer-based instruction can bring about a radical shift in the way science is taught. It would allow the student to both study theory and perform experiments to verify theory at the computer itself leading to several advantages, the most important being a new way of designing lessons that places the student in the shoes of a scientist. Read on >>

Monitoring Systems for MIE Kiosks

Monitoring Systems for MIE kiosks consists of two parts:
a. Remote Monitoring System installed at a MIE kiosk computer to monitor and gather data
b. Central Monitoring System installed at a central computer to view and analyze data

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Speak Right software allows users to improve their English language pronunciation. Users can listen and practice words, sentences and paragraphs using speech software - Dragon Naturally Speaking. Speak Right includes a set of pre-recorded audio files; music and video to listen and improve spoken language skills. Users can also invoke Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary to listen and practice English language words. Read on >>

Image Processing Mark Reader System

IPMRS is a system that allows non-optical detection of filled answer options in an objective type test answer form generated by the system. Read on >>

Wireless Perception Recording System (WPRS)

The PC-based WPRS software allows the analyst to play the pre-recorded content while recording the audience responses synchronously. Read on >>

Certificate Course in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

A joint certification by NIIT and IIT Delhi, this is a six-month course that leads to a certificate course in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Read on >>

Maximedia: Industry-relevant multimedia program for the new generation

Recognizing the significance of the multimedia industry as an emerging career destination, NIIT has developed a special program to help learners build skills for this market. Called Maximedia, the program is a complete learning guide to the art and science of multimedia. Read on >>


One of the most popular offerings under the NIIT SWIFT umbrella of programs, SWIFT Jyoti has been effectively used to proliferate computer literacy among the masses and help India bridge the digital divide. Read on >>