Archived Projects

The Group Display Controller

TThe Group Display Controller is a device to broadcast and control the VGA signal from one computer monitor to multiple monitors. It amplifies the VGA signals to such a level so that more than one monitor can be connected to the same CPU.
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Power on Demand

Power on Demand is a micro-controller based system that minimises the wastage of electricity. It is can control up-to 9 electrical circuits.
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The GreenThing

The GreenThing is a device that shuts down the PC monitor when not in use to conserve electricity. It is an improvement over EnergyStar Regulation of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
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NIIT BOOT-IT is a computer literacy TV programme for India and Mauritius. It had 24 episodes and was supplemented by and optional learnerís kit.
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Destination Earth

Destination Earth is the first authentic MMX title built in India to help the children learn about the Universe in a 3-dimensional learning environment.
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MuseDoc is an attempt to computerize the information storing system in the museums of India. It consists of a 'Museum Documentation Tool' and a 'Virtual Walk-through' of the museums.
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Multimedia Kiosks

Multimedia kiosks are the simplest and the cheapest mechanisms of bringing technology to the masses. CRCS has built Cognitive Internet/Information Kiosk for use in rural, outdoor, tropical environment
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The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

The IVRS is an ISA bus based PC plug-in card for Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI). The CTI card has found widespread applications in various commercial groups within NIIT. The circuit and the printed circuit designs of the IVR system are proprietary to NIIT.
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The Front Office Counsellor

The Front Office Counsellor is a software that provides information to potential NIIT students in an engaging manner. It uses the concept of Ray Casting and has been programmed in Visual C++.
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Intelligent Pillbox

The Intelligent Pillbox helps the patients to take medicines regularly on time. It also helps doctors monitor the medicine consumption and/or the dosage over the Internet.
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I-Learn and Human Computer Interfaces for the Physically Challenged

I-Learn is an educational system that enables the spastics and other disabled people to interact with the computer. It was developed under the guidance of Prof. Isaac, and it provides alternative input devices to the keyboard and the mouse.
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Project P1-Next Step

Project P1-Next Step is a cognitively engineered CBT with adaptive features for non-English speaking people. It is one of the many multi-lingual CBTs made by NIIT.
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Vehicle Tracking Using GPS, GIS, and GSM

The Vehicle Tracking System reports the current position and velocity of the vehicle over GSM (cellular) link.It helps in tracking the vehicles/fleets on national highways and in remote areas.
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